After Samsung, Google & LG Also Working On Smart Watch

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Suddenly there is a flood of news about manufacturers working on their own Smart Watch variants. This morning itself, we told you about Google’s Smart Watch plans. Apple and Samsung are already rumoured to be working on their version of connected watches, so how can LG be left behind.

According to a report in Korea Times, LG is also working on a Smart Watch, as a part of its long-term strategy to keep its competitiveness in the volatile industry. It is important for the companies to remain ahead of the curve else they might be left behind in the race of next big thing and LG seems to understand that.

"It is one major part of many currently non-commercialized products under development by LG Electronics. The company has spared no efforts to invest in products that it believes are must-haves to stay ahead technology wise in the market, whatever the situation maybe," Korea Times' source revealed.

There is no word on which operating system be powering the LG Smart Watch, but Android and Firefox OS seem to be viable options for the company.

Looks like Smart and connected watches are the next battle ground for global giants.

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Last few weeks have been quite interesting for the wearable computing products. We first heard about Google Glass finally reaching stores by the end-of-year, then rumours of Apple and Samsung’s Smart Watches and now we are hearing that Google is also working on a Smart Watch.

According to a report in Financial Times, rumours circulating in Silicon Valley suggest that Google is indeed working on a Smart Watch. This Google Watch is being developed by company’s Android unit not the secret X Labs that are making Google Glass.

If these rumours are really true, we might see Sundar Pichai showing this Smart Watch at company's Google I/O event.

Google patent application for wearable computer, which was filed in 2011, was also unearthed by FT, which lends further credence to these rumours.

A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the rumours, as they always do.

The entry of giants like Samsung, Apple and Google could jump start the smart watch market, but positioning a device on a wrist could be too restrictive for many people, says Sonny Vu, chief executive of Misfit Wearables.

Would you be interested in using an Android run Smart Watch, which could communicate with your phone and give you information right when needed?

Read More:-Financial Times
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