Apple Never Fails WOW the World With APPLE TV

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Apple Inc. never fails to WOW the world with its super quality consumer goods. Recently they have launched Apple TV in the Indian market. The Apple TV was said to arrive in the Indian markets by the starting of the month of March, however, it didn't happen then but has finally happened now, in the end of this month. 

Apple TV is a digital media receiver that is compact in size. It is a small form factor network appliance that can play digital content on your HDTV from iTunes, all the 'i' devices such as iPod, iPad, iPhone, iCloud, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, Hulu Plus or any Mac OS X or Windows computer with iTunes and many more.  
The Apple TV can be connected to your HDTV with the HDMI option and then it can pull content from other Apple devices when connected on the same network. This device also enables the user to share the movies, music, videos and other content over the Apple TV connection. 

As mentioned on Apple's website "With Apple TV, you get instant access to the hottest Hollywood titles and new releases - often the same day they come out on DVD. Once you find what you're looking for, simply press Play, and in seconds, you're watching the opening credits with cinema-like Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. SD rentals start from just Rs 80, and HD rentals start from Rs 120. You have 30 days to start watching, and once you begin, you can watch as many times as you want in 48 hours."

Apple TV is now easily available on online shopping stores as well. The price of Apple TV in India is said to be Rs. 8,275. Apple TV is also available with, one of the popular destinations for online purchasers at a special price.
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