Sachin Tendulkar Inaugurations Yuvraj Singh’s Autobiographies "The Test Of My Life" Book

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The Indian Cricketers Sachin Tendulkar, Yuvraj Singh and commentator Harsha Bhogle, organised during the launch of Yuvraj’s memoirs "The Test of My Life" here on Tuesday evening. The book, priced at Rs. 399 and co-authored by Nishant Arora and Sharda Ugra, is an account of Yuvraj’s battle with cancer and his return to international cricket.

"The Test of my life" is an honest and poignant account of the vulnerabilities and darkness that consumed India’s World Cup hero through his battle with cancer. In less than 200 riveting pages the book invites us into the inner world of a man who experiences the extremities of a roller coaster in the space of weeks- and finds his own method to tackle the challenge.

The greatest triumph of 'The Test of My Life' is its innate honesty. Yuvraj bravely reveals his anxieties as the battle against cancer took over his life. Asking his doctor before chemotherapy begins if he will be ‘able to father a child in the future’ and if he ‘could maybe preserve his sperm’ before treatment begins.

He bares the terrible loneliness of staring out of his window in Indianapolis with the town buzzing ahead of the Super Bowl. Just days before he was the central figure in a grand sporting moment too- India’s World Cup triumph. Now he was a mute witness to another sporting spectacle unfolding- unsure of what lay ahead.

The Test of My Life’ is a grim reminder of how even those who seemingly have it all- adulation, fame and celebrity – are as susceptible, if not more than us everyday people to being betrayed by those they invest faith in. Yuvraj joyfully describes discovering the devotion and affection of new friends.

The Test of My Life’ is unpretentious. It is the kind of story we like to tell and like to hear. It is a reminder too that while ambition and success drive us in our daily lives, adversity lurks menacingly near. It picks its victims and varies in intensity.

But face it we must as Yuvraj did and continues to do so. He writes without a shred of exaggeration: ‘I see that I have been given a second chance in life and I know that I intend to spend it running. If I fall, as I will, I look forward to dusting myself off and running again. That I can do’. You sure have Yuvraj, you sure have.

The launch, attended by the members of the Indian team, former cricketers, Board officials among others, saw players like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virender Sehwag, Ashish Nehra, Harbhajan Singh and Virat Kohli sharing their experiences with Yuvraj.

Later, his mother Shabnam also had a few anecdotes to narrate.

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  1. HI I like this book
    It is the kind of story we like to tell and like to hear. It is a reminder too that while ambition and success drive us in our daily lives

    Thank You


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