Samsung Galaxy S4 Duos: In Asia Launched

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A Chinese forum has published a group of pictures of GT-I9502. Is that Samsung Galaxy S4? This prototype looks more like the Galaxy Note 2 and if we consider the previous leaked images, it is not showing any similarities with them. The forum claims that the device is designed for China Unicom and is coming as dual SIM. We saw the dual SIM version of samsung galaxy s3 for China Unicom. So we can’t neglect the words fully.

Samsung uses many prototypes for testing. Yes! Fully finished prototypes. Samsung is known for testing different designs for its devices to avoid the original design leak. Moreover it is kept as top secret. So we can't jump to a conclusion by saying this model is the final Samsung Galaxy S4.

According to the benchmark app, the device runs Android 4.2.1 and boasts a 1080p full HD display along with 1.8GHz processor, 2GB RAM and 13MP camera, which could more or less be the final hardware found on the Galaxy S IV.

All these things are adding more spices to the March 14 event. Even we cannot sit back in the seats because every morning we are hearing  new hot stuffs about the S4.

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