Facebook Home Waiting For India !!! [Update]

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Google Play. Facebook Home, Free[Update] : New Facebook Home apk works for users outside the US (Read more)

Facebook Home is now available to download for compatible Android devices.

The new launcher/UI-replacement allows you to navigate through your list of apps but puts a focus on your Facebook friends, replacing lockscreen with a "cover feed", and instead of apps, it priorities updates from people in your friends list. There's a standard paginated launcher also available that is a swipe away, but the focus is now on fullscreen images that act as your welcome screen and lists of status updates from your friends that you can flip through, comment on, or double tap to like.

For more info, here's two commercials for Facebook Home, to give you a better feel of what it allows:

Available for the HTC One, HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Samsung Galaxy Note II, right over at the Google Play Store. The link below is working for some folks but not for a lot of people out there, so let us know if you manage to get to actually install Facebook Home, eh?

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