Google Fiber : The Full Google Experience

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A different kind of Internet

Google Fiber is a project to build an experimental broadband internet network infrastructure using fiber-optic communication in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri; the location was chosen following a competitive selection process. Over 1,100 communities applied to be the first recipient of the technology. On March 30, 2011, Google announced that Kansas City, Kansas will be the first community where the new network would be deployed.

After building an infrastructure of the network, in July 2012, Google announced pricing for Google Fiber. The service will offer three options. These include a free broadband internet option, a 1GB/Sec internet option for $70 per month and a version that includes television service for $120 per month. The internet service includes 1 terabyte of Google Drive service and the television service includes a 2 terabyte DVR recorder in addition to the Google Drive service. The DVR will record up to eight live television shows simultaneously. The television options also include a Nexus 7 tablet that will act as a remote control for the system. In addition, television service will also stream live program content on iPad and Android tablet computers. Neighborhoods that receive the service will be selected through demand from Kansas City area residents and Google has set up a website to pre-register for the service.

Google Fiber Internet Plans

The Full Google Experience

Experience the Internet like never before. Instant downloads.
Crystal clear HDTV. And endless possibilities.
Up to one gigabit upload & download speed • Full channel TV lineup • 2 year contract • No data caps
Nexus 7 tablet • 1 TV Box • Storage Box • Network Box • 1TB Google Drive • $120/mo + taxes and fees

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