Mr. Narendra Modi Political Life Story: The Namo Story

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The only Minister in talks who is rightly eligible to stand in General elections 2014 is none other than Honorable Mr. Narendra Modi. Kingshuk Nag in the book The Namo Story a Political Life has written all about him. How he began his political career as an RSS pracharak to his increasing rise in the hindutva ranks and from being the most popular master planner of Bhartiya Janta Party and the controversial Chief Minister of Gujarat. He has handled things well. He brought many investors in Gujarat and his change and development program worked very well for him. Despite of his varied reactions on the Godhra incident he has made it to the 2014 General Elections.

These elections would be more of following the Presidential System which means you are either with him and vote for him or you are not with and vote for his opponent. This is how Modi's party works and this is his effect on the people. This is popularly known as the Modi Effect. This story of the most popular Indian Politician is about what role does money, religion, beliefs, and rising aspirations have in combined form to change the Indian Politics and the Indian economy in last 20 years.

But despite all this there are questions of what kind of Prime Minister would Narendra Modi be? He may have been the Chief Minister for Gujarat for three terms but he is not as intellectual as Manmohan Singh. Narendra Modi and Manmohan Singh both come from a rural background but Manmohan has studied at the top universities and has much more international experience as Finance Minister, Governor of RBI and Finance Secretary than Modi. Still Modi will be a tough competition to Manmohan Singh as he is garrulous and firm in what he does and what he wants to do. Know more in depth about Narendra Modi by ordering this book from Infibeam.

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