[Update] LG Optimus G Pro Launch By LG In India

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[The all new LG Optimus G Pro E988 is all set for its launch by the 20th July 2013. LG is giving tough competition to many mobile manufacturers currently as this new handset has state-of-the-art features that will allure each of its users. This phone upon launch will be available for INR 39,999/- on Infibeam, the most popular online shopping portal.]

LG Electronics 'Optimus G Pro' shortest period of 1 million domestic sales of mobile phones ever achieved in the shortest period of four months 3 months earlier than the earliest recorded 8000 sales exceeding speed a day quality, sensitivity UX, design, world LTE technology in the blast, including one towing.

LG Electronics 18 days 'Optimus G Pro' release one million domestic sales in four months (carrier supplied standard) was achieved. Day sales for 8000 surpassed the average. 'Optimus G Pro' phones of LG Electronics put up the fastest ever notice over one million domestic sales products. To achieve one million of the existing shortest lead-time record ("Optimus LTE ") is shorter than three months. 

Past three four communication through the end of February released 'Optimus G Pro' opening day sales early enough to exceed the 10,000 from firm was. LG Electronics released in a matter of 40 days the shortest period of time sales record of 500,000 set a. untested LG Electronics released two months 'Optimus G Pro' upgrade to the unconventional while delivering the baelryupaek continued the initial blast. Eye-recognition technology in the LG baelryupaek smart video ', the photographer will be placed on the screen until a "dual camera", etc. were added.

'Optimus G Pro' is well received in the market, largely displays, emotional UX (user experience) design, the world's # 1 for LTE technology is based. 'Optimus G Pro' big screen of 5.5 inches and is equipped with a Full HD IPS display, the resolution of the existing HD-quality shows vivid 2-fold higher. Right to enjoy the full HD screen too massive three-dimensional UX mount. This product is the LG 5.5-inch large screen with one hand, but also to use it were very attentive. increased communication with customers that 'Optimus G Pro' has had a positive impact of the blast.

LG Electronics, a large-screen smartphone targeted at consumers who use 'Optimus G Pro' can experience the 30 days it was open in the exceptional event. vice president of LG Electronics MC Business Park, Jong - Seok Director "by the new big-screen smart phones located 'Optimus G Pro' blast of the domestic market will continue to lead the global market," he said.

Source - lgnewsroom
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