SONY XTRUD Concept Really In The Future??

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We don't normally post concepts here at Xperia Blog, but this Sony XTRUD design has us intrigued. The idea behind the concept, created by Francois Rybarczyk, is to think that one day we could have a sustainable phone that would last beyond a year or two. This Sony XTRUD concept shows a modular phone where the components can be easily changed.
This includes having a fresh design every so often or changing the camera module to ensure your phone always has the latest tech. We certainly like the idea of a volume wheel, which doubles as a zoom function for the camera and also includes an integrated headphone jack. A lot of hard work has gone into these design pictures, so kudos to Rybarczyk for the vision. Check out the Sony XTRUD concept below. 

Credits - Xperiablog
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