Hong Kong Tourism Promotes ‘Hold My Hand’

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Hong Kong Tourism Board has launched bestselling author Durjoy Datta's new book ‘Hold My Hand'. The story is based on love saga between protagonists Deep and Ahaana. Deep who travels to Hong Kong for studies and fell for the girl Ahaana who lives in Hong Kong for the last two years and becomes Deep’s personal guide to the city.

Hold my hand by Durjoy DattaTo attract more Indian tourists in the country, Hong Kong Tourism Board has taken this unique concept of launching the special campaign of 'Hold My Hand' to promote their tourism. Every year over half-a-million Indians visit Hong Kong for both commercial and vacation purpose.

Speaking on the occasion Cynthia Leung, general manager, corporate affairs, Hong Kong Tourism Board, said, "People tend to emotionally paint pictures of the places they read about in a novel and are more attracted to it as compared to what they see in a travel guide. According to our research, a large number of people across India read novels while they travel to their work places, so we thought it would be a better idea to go the novel way than any other."

"We now want to reach out to the masses and are looking at a growth in the number of visitors by higher single digit (in terms of percentage). Our aim is to target people in the age group of 18-35 years," Leung added.

Hong Kong Tourism promotes Durjoy Datta’s new book 'Hold My Hand' Talking on latest book, author Durjoy Datta said, "As Ahaana knows the place by sounds and smells, Deep (the male protagonist) listens and connects with what he is sees and what Ahaana tells him. The phenomenon helps the reader to paint the intricate details that Datta gives about Hong Kong in his book. The smells here refer to the mesmerizing scenic beauty while the sounds refer to the sky rocketing towers and fast life that Hong Kong offers."

Durjoy Datta has written several bestselling novels in his 5 years writing career. Some of his Some of his popular books are:  "Of Course I Love You!", "Now That You're Rich!", "She Broke Up, I Didn’t!",Ohh Yes, I Am Single!”, "You Were My Crush!", "If It’s Not Forver!","Till the Last Breath", "Someone Like You". He is also co-owner of Grapevine India Publishers with author Sachin Garg.
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