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Setting up a chatroom on your site can be tiring. Not only will you have to worry about the process of doing so, but you'll also have to make sure the chatroom stays stable and usable for your chatters - that means no spam littered on it. However, this isn't the case with Chatwing. This chatting tool offers great chatting capabilities along with a bunch of features that can help you manage it - weeding out spam and those obnoxious people is a piece of cake. And lastly, you don't even have to worry about embedding it on your site. 

Follow these very simple steps and you can have this nifty widget on your site. 

Get a Chatwing Account

Before planning on making a chatroom, you have to make an account first. There's no need to worry about the hassle, since it will only ask for an email and a password. Now off to the next step. 

Creating a Chatroom

The moment you press the Register button, you'll be immediately redirected into the Dashboard. This is where you’ll make your very first chatbox. However, one is already supplied to you so you can skip creating one and simply choose that. Now press the Customize button and head on to the next step. 

Add Color to Your Chatroom

Chatwing has a wide range of customization features for you to use. You can modify it thoroughly and even add some of your personal touches to it. The whole process is divided into tabs which will make it much easier for you to navigate and make changes. Take note of the Save button on each tab though - make sure you press that before heading on to implement the changes you've made. 

The preview window on the side will show the changes you've made on your chatroom.

When you're done customizing, press the Use button on the upper part of the panel for the next step. 

Embedding Page

By now, you should be seeing three tabs labeled Group Chat Url, Embedded Options and Popout Options. Choosing one of these will determine how you will utilize your chatroom. Since we are setting it up on your site, choose the Embedded Options tab. 

In this tab you'll find the HTML code of your chatbox. Before going there however, you have the option to adjust the size of your chatroom first. This is so you can easily manage it and your site at the same time. Making it larger will make it more visible for your viewers and making it smaller will save you more web space. You can see how large or small it is on the preview window located at the side. 

When you're done adjusting, look for the chatroom's Javascript code (on the first box) and copy it. Follow the instructions writing on the box where the code is at and paste the HTML code at the designated area on your site. Save your progress and refresh your browser. Your Chatwing chatbox should be up and running there. 

There are some sites that don't utilize the Javascript code. In case your site is one of these, simply replace the Javascript code with the iFrame one found inside another box below the first. 

Get More from Chatwing

This chatting tool not only boasts in its chatting capabilities, but also in the features that compliments it. By giving the user full control over the chatroom, he can easily manage it or choose people who can assist him in managing it and through that, he can easily provide customer support to his viewers. They can easily send him their requests and he can reply to them instantly. By providing great customer satisfaction, he can expect more visitors to browse through his site and with it, gain more profit. 

Chatwing will help any site owner do all that and more. And you can get this terrific chat widget for free.

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